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    Commercial Kitchen Division

    This division of Filterxchange specializes in the maintenance and cleaning of air duct systems. The scope of our work includes the maintenance of kitchen exhausts and air conditioning systems. As well we offer a range of services to assist premises to comply with their various government regulation and insurance requirements.


    We understand the reliance kitchens have on their exhaust fans. The sudden failure of fans can have a substantial impact on the operations of the kitchen, frequently resulting in closure of the area until the exhaust problem can be rectified.

    If the failure occurs on a weekend or during service time this can escalate issues for the business.

    At Filterxchange we will we offer a breakdown service as well as the general maintenance service to minimize emergency call outs. Our services include:

    • Fan cleaning
    • Replacement fan units and motors
    • Chimney Sweeps
    • Air flow testing
    • System upgrades
    • Canopy and flue cleaning
    • Filter cleaning program
    • Insurance and health compliance certificates


    Poor extraction of cooking vapours is frequently the result of inadequately cleaned filters, with the outside looking clean but blocked internally with compacted grease and oil.

    Filterxchange has regular service program of filter cleaning. The cleaning cycle will normally be established depending on the type of cooking and the volume. Premises that utilize charcoal or Asian wok style cooking will have a more frequent servicing requirement.


    Depending upon the type of cooking commercial canopies quickly accumulate oil, grease and charcoal build up and require regular cleaning and maintenance to comply with the regulations.

    At Filterxchange we can assist kitchens to initially clean the canopies and bring them back to the standard required by the health and insurance requirements.

    We also offer a regular canopy cleaning maintenance service, including a filter exchange program to maintain the canopies after the initial cleanup.

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