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    Planning Commercial Duct Cleaning

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    • Planning meeting
    • The inspection

    The scope of a commercial duct cleaning job can be divided into 6 phases:

    • Undertaking the work
    • The proposal
    • Post job inspection
    • Follow up

    Planning meeting:

    At this meeting, any problems being experienced by the client would be identified and clarified where possible. Some of these problems may include smells from particular areas, discharge from vents, general dust over the office environment, poor airflow etc. some of these issues may be localized or problems overall with the air-conditioning system. Arrangements would be put in place to inspect the system in order to identify these issues.

    The inspection:

    The inspection serves to identify exactly where and to what extent problems exist. Several areas of the system will need to be inspected including the Air Handling Units, coils, filters, supply air vents and several access points in the ductwork. The condition of any internal fiberglass lining that has deteriorated or is shedding into the air stream would included in the inspection.

    For buildings which impose very strict demands on the indoor air quality, samples of the dust can be taken. These samples can be examined for their composition and the content of bacteria and fungi. After inspection and analysis it is possible to work out a proposal for the work/cleaning to be carried out.

    The proposal:

    The proposal would include photographic evidence of problems identified, bacterial and mould analysis when part of the requirements, and a suggested maintenance program. The extent and time used for a cleaning can be difficult to estimate as most ductwork is not installed to allow for future maintenance, any access issues would be included in the proposal.

    Under taking the work:

    The actual cleaning is carried out upon the basis of the inspection, and in a way that is the best for the given system. In most facilities the work would be scheduled in stages, and in an out of hours situation to minimize any disruption to the normal workings of the organization.

    In some situations it might be relevant to perform a disinfection or to apply an anti bacterial coating of the system after the cleaning. This can also be undertaken in sections to stabilize or replace any fiberglass insulation that is shedding.

    Post job inspection:

    The job is completed by examining the system together with the customer. It is recommended that a photo inspection and record is made. This inspection is carried out in the same places where the first inspection was made. In this way it is possible to obtain data which can be compared.

    Follow up:

    After the final delivery, a service agreement with the customer can be arranged.

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