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    Annual Cleaning Requirements of Evaporative Coolers

    Domestic  evaporative air conditioners should be cleaned before  summer. 

    Commercial evaporative air conditioners should be regularly maintained and  cleaned in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3666.

    Evaporative Cooler Maintenance Problems

    • Stagnant water
    • Sediment that tends to promote growth of legionella
    • Water not circulating
    • Fans not operational
    • Faulty Electrical Components

    Maintenance Process

    Domestic evaporative cooler should be cleaned before operation each summer.This involves electrical disconnection of the unit, checking the condition of the filters and cleaning or replacing as necessary. Checking the water distribution system including the pump and water bleed-off system. The water pump should be cleaned and checked for bearing or impeller problems.The fan should  be inspected and any faulty parts replaced, such as the fan belt or bearings. The units sump should be flushed out and cleaned and the correct operation of the float valve checked.

    The unit should be chemically dosed with disinfecting tablets to minimise the build up of bacteria, algae and mould.

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