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Behind the scenes in the ductwork

Dirty Air Return

Dirty Heater Fan

Mice Damaged Duct

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What's in the Ducts

Cleaning Process

Various sections of the system require different cleaning approaches and equipment.

The vents in the room are cleaned with a unique 360 degree air pressured cleaning head which is self propelled through the duct and removes contaminants and debris from the duct walls efficiently. This equipment is used in conjunction with a specialized vacuum system to capture the discharge from the ductwork.

The larger air return duct requires a different method of cleaning. A mechanized specially built soft brush system is the most effective method of cleaning this area of the ductwork.

The heating unit requires the fan to be removed to be cleaned, this also allows access to the other end of the air return duct to be finished cleaning with the mechanical brush. The fan and the unit are then cleaned by a combination of brushes and compressed air.

The completion of the cleaning is the sanitizing of the system.

Any problems identified during the cleaning process, such as insulation material present in the discharge which may indicate damage to the ductwork are then discussed with the customer. This may indicate a problem that needs to be addressed or something that needs to be monitored.   

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