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Behind the scenes in the ductwork

Laundry Dryer ducts pre clean

Laundry Dryer Duct post clean

Collapsed Laundry Dryer Duct due to weight of damp lint buildup

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Commercial laundrette dryer duct cleaning

A majority of commercial dryer duct fires occur as a result of highly flammable lint getting caught in the dryer duct and becoming heated to the point of ignition. Most commercial dryers come with lint traps, or filters, designed to capture the lint, yet only 75% is typically collected. The remainder sticks to the duct work as can be seen by the photos opposite.  Lint and other debris builds up over time so it is not ever safe to assume that emptying the filter regularly is enough to protect your property from a dryer duct fire. Lint and dust burns very easily, and with suction in the duct system, the fire can spread out to other parts of the building rapidly.

Dryer duct cleaning enables the equipment to perform properly and reduces energy costs. It also limits mold, mildew and other bacteria in your dryer duct ductwork. When a dryer duct is clogged, airflow is reduced and  dryers are forced to work harder. This means the air traveling through the ductwork extraction system gets hotter and does not dry effectively, which can cause:

Indications of the need for laundry duct cleaning

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